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 & psychological conditions treated for depression, anxiety to trauma.

Centerville Therapy & Conditions Treated

The Counseling Center, offering individual therapy, family therapy and couples counseling services for the Davis county area. Our therapists and counselors specialize in treatment of the following conditions:


Depression can cause a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Our team offers therapy solutions for individuals with depression. Our goal is to give you the tools to cope with your symptoms and help you lead a happy, fulfilling life.


Anxiety is a mental health disorder typified by frequent feelings of worry or stress. Because there are a variety of causes for anxiety disorders, our professionals tailor our treatment plans specifically for the individual.

Behavior Problems

There are a variety of mental health conditions that may cause an individual to act out at home, at school or in the workplace. Our therapists are trained to identify the causes of problem behaviors and help you to overcome them.

Trauma – PTSD

A traumatic event can cause extreme mental and emotional distress long after the incident occurred. There are several trauma focused treatments that can provide considerable relief.Attachment Problems

Family Difficulties

In family therapy we help families to develop the habits they need to function in a healthy way. Our therapists focus on each family member and the family as a whole to foster positive change.

Mood Instability

People who struggle with mood instability are often overwhelmed by sudden and powerful changes in their emotions. Therapy can help you identify the causes or your ups and downs the ups and downs and find stability and peace.

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