Virtual Counseling & Teletherapy

At The Counseling Center, we proudly offer Utah virtual counseling with the same care, discretion and insights without the in-office complications brought to us in the past years. Your appointment…anywhere.

Virtual Counseling & Teletharapy

There are a lot of things changing in the world today; but, some basic needs never change and your mental health is one of them. Unfortunately, in these new, trying times we face circumstances that can make it hard to go into an office.

With changing times, thankfully, come new psychotherapy treatment methodologies. Just as workplaces around the world have adopted a hybrid of telecommuting and in office work, we offer the ability to connect to your Utah licensed psychologist or counselor virtually or face-to-face. At The Counseling Center, we are proudly offering virtual counseling with licensed Utah counselors. We bring the same care, discretion and insights without the face-to-face risk or the hassle.

With our licensed Utah virtual counseling we can provide you and your loved ones the same care in home as in office in the fields of:

Individual Counseling
Family Therapy
Children & Teen Counseling
Couples Counseling
Marriage Counseling

At The Counseling Center we utilize virtual counseling at our office in Centerville, UT and provide treatment for the surrounding areas including Farmington, Ogden, Layton, Kaysville, Bountiful and Salt Lake City, Utah to provide the best in individual counseling, family and couple counseling.

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