Attachment Problems

People who struggle with attachment problems find it difficult to create and maintain safe, satisfying relationships with the key people in their lives. Therapy can help people with attachment difficulties get close to loved ones, maintain healthy boundaries and find happiness in their relationships.

Attachment Disorders

 Not engaging in social interactions

 Control issues

 Avoiding physical touch

 Unresponsive behavior

 Angered easily

Attachment problems can affect both children and adults. In children, warning signs of attachment disorders can include avoiding eye contact, anger problems, aversion to physical touch, control issues, and lack of affection. Attachment disorders often occur when a child is unable to establish a healthy connection with their caregiver. It can include disorders of mood, behavior, and relationships due to failed connections early on in life. In adulthood, attachment problems can manifest themselves in conflicts and trouble maintaining stable, satisfying relationships. These troubles are often the result of anxieties about getting too close, too far away or both. They can make it very difficult to feel safe and secure in relationships. Our facility offers several different treatment options to promote a healthy relationship between parent and child and between adults and their significant others.

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