Mood Instability

People who struggle with mood instability are often overwhelmed by sudden and powerful changes in their emotions. Therapy can help you identify the causes or your ups and downs the ups and downs and find stability and peace.


 Frequent Shifts in Mood

 Overpowering Emotions


 Frequent Ups and Downs in Relationships

 Struggle to find consistency

Mood instability can have many causes including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and bipolar disorder. It often manifests itself in abrupt changes in mood that can be difficult to control. These changes can make it difficult to find stability at work or school and in relationships with significant others. People with bipolar disorder often struggle with bouts of mania, experiencing severely elevated or agitated mood, impulsivity and sometimes reduced need for sleep. They may also struggle with bouts of depression. Our qualified therapists can help you understand the cause of mood instability and develop the skills to better manage it. In cases of bipolar disorder they can also point you in the direction of a good psychiatrist who can help you find the right medication to manage your symptoms.

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